Today’s everyday products like showers, phones and televisions were once luxury goods available only to a few. ad notam, a German company specialising in engineering and manufacturing smart glasses and mirrors, takes these everyday items to their next iteration and wants to bring adnotam mirror TV technology into the mass market.

By definition, adnotam mirror TV is an integration of both electronics, such as screens, monitors, lighting or other features and glass and mirror surfaces interfaces together. ad notam acknowledges the equal importance of these elements, and continues to develop new and exciting breakthroughs on each fronts.

It is ad notam’s philosophy that any product is only as good as its elements.

MIRROR IMAGE is the screen system from ad notam that drives images through glass or mirror to deliver magnificent picture quality. Whether placed behind a colored glass, a crystal mirror or a MAGIC MIRROR, MIRROR IMAGE, it transforms an glass or mirror to a product “powered by ad notam”. As the inventor of the Mirror TV with over ten years experience in this competitive industry, ad notam remains the leading expert in this technology.

Atlas Sound and Vision proud to be a partner in delivering ad notam’s elegant technological integrations and combinations that consider space, functionality and design.

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