Everything Atlas Cables do is based on extensive research and proven test results. This ensures Atlas Cables products are completely consistent in manufacture and ensures a defined progression as you move up the ranges.

A highly successful, independent, UK-owned company, Atlas Cables design and manufacture the finest award-winning hi-fi and audio visual cables and component inter-connectors. With a couple of exceptions, all Atlas products are researched, designed and produced in East Ayrshire, Scotland. 

Atlas audio, video or digital cables are designed with a careful balance of three main elements: the conductor material, the insulating material, and the overall construction of the cable. Every element in the signal path, each component’s characteristic is carefully considered to form low deletion cables that transmit more information. Atlas Cables’ mission is to significantly and quantifiably improve your listening or viewing pleasure.

Likewise, we at Atlas Sound and Vision believe that a system is only as strong as it’s weakest link. This is why we proudly carry the Atlas Cables range.

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