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Loewe Art From the company that invented – and has continued to re-invent – television, the Loe-we Art Series TVs is a display of elegant craftsmanship and detailed artistry. Sure, its a TV. But a TV like no other. Only Loewe designs and manufactures TVs with the precise balance of technology, design, quality, elegance and ease of use. The Lifestyle® 525 system delivers a powerful surround sound experience for all of your entertainment. Feel deep low-note performance that puts you in the middle of the action. Connect up to 6 HD video and audio sources—like your 3D Blu-ray Disc™ player, cable box or gaming system—with guided setup. Bose® Unify® technology, orchestrates everything to work easily and seamlessly as a single system.

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Fastest Channel Change

The new Loewe Art Ultra HD range boasts the world's fastest channel changing times, making it quick and easy to flick through channels. Loewe Instant Channel Zapping us-es Dual Tuner technology to achieve this. While watching one channel, a second channel is already automatically being loaded on the second tuner. With this technology, the Loewe Art TVs deliver a genuine 'film editing' like effect, with no dark frame whenever channels are changed.

Perfection in Mind - Perfect Design

Loewe gives painstaking attention to detail to everything that you can see and touch — even the 2.4 centimetre deep side profile of the new Loewe Art TVs receives an uncom-promising approach to material selection and processing. Integrated cable management measures ensure that connections and routing do not detract from the overall aesthetic. Circumspectly, every Loewe TV is an object of beauty. Enjoyable even without an im-age on the screen.

Perfect Sound

The Loewe Art has a sound quality to rival many home cinema systems. Its sound sys-tem delivers 300 per cent more power than any other television. The front-firing rectan-gular speaker box under the screen also offers far finer and more precise sound resolu-tion in comparison with traditional narrow, oval loudspeakers.

Perfect Operation

Loewe Artist Search, built into the TVs software, finds all the Internet radio stations currently playing your favourite artists. This clever feature also tells you which of the 30,000 stations feature your faves most frequently on their playlists. You simply select your chosen station at the touch of a button.

More features

  • Loewe Smart Assist App allow intuitive remote control of Loewe Art with is a deluxe 7-day programme guide and easy management Loewe DR+ archived recordings on an external hard disk.
  • The Loewe Art’s integrated loudspeakers fire the sound in a single direction – the front. Sounds simple, but it’s actually unique. Other TV sets emit the sound from the rear and underneath.
  • Loewe Art displays automatically adjusts to changes in the surrounding light conditions. This works in conjunction with VBD+ (Video-Compensated Backlight Dimming) en-sures perfect illumination for every scene. For example, for a night-time scene in a crime thriller: the LED backlight dims to create a realistic black effect.

Compellingly Simple

Bose Unify Technology

During setup, Bose’s Unify software identifies each connected component and automatically teaches the Bose remote to control it. The Bose universal RF remote works even when the console or components are tucked away. Important system information is conveniently displayed on the Bose remote's LCD screen.

Bose ADAPTiQ System

Your room is unique, with size, shape, textures and other elements that affect the sound you hear. The ADAPTiQ® system analyses your room and adjusts the Lifestyle® 525 system to deliver consistent and high-quality performance.

SoundTouch® Built-In

SoundTouch® allows you to discover and enjoy music with more ease than ever before. Wirelessly stream millions of songs through Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio™ and Deezer, as well as Internet radio stations and your music library. Bose’s powerful app lets you control your music from anywhere in the house using your phone or tablet. Six programmable presets let you play your favourite music from the app or the included credit card-style remote.

Powerfully Precise

The 525 system features speakers that have been designed with a slimmer profile. Each can be mounted flush to the wall with an optional bracket. Precisely angled transducers inside the speakers allow them to deliver audio that belies their size. Complemented by an Acoustimass® module, this system delivers the emotional intensity you expect feel at the theatre or in a concert hall.

More features

  • 3D video compatibility enables your system to automatically display 3D video when connected to the appropriate 3D source(s) and a 3D TV.
  • Automatic video upscaling delivers resolution up to 1080p over HDMI.
  • Proprietary Videostage® 5 decoding and post-processing circuitry, combined with digital 5.1 decoding and DTS®, delivers a high quality, multichannel surround sound experience from almost any source.
  • Easily connect and control up to 6 of your HD video and music sources, with video upscaling to 1080p


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