Loewe Connect 40 UHD

Loewe Connect 40 UHD is available to buy in increments of 1


($3,737.38 without GST)

Consider the Loewe Connect Series TVs as a campfire for the modern age. With its re-cording and media sharing capabilities, Loewe Connect transforms the TV into a smart entertainment hub. It quite literally connects you and your devices to a world of enter-tainment. Watch one channel while following a second in picture-in-picture mode and recording a third on the integrated hard disk recorder - the new Loewe Connect range takes viewing to a whole new level.

Loewe Mobile Recording

The Loewe Connect allows for easy recording of programs on to the integrated Loewe DR+ 1 TB hard disk. With a smartphone and an internet connection, you can schedule to record shows from wherever you happen to be. Open the Loewe Smart Assist app. Search for your show or look it up on the 7-day programme guide. Press record. Loewe Connect TVs give you the freedom to enjoy your favourite programs at a more conven-ient time.

Fastest Channel Change

The new Loewe Connect Ultra HD range boasts the world's fastest channel changing times, making it quick and easy to flick through channels. Loewe Instant Channel Zap-ping uses Dual Tuner technology to achieve this. While watching one channel, a second channel is already automatically being loaded on the second tuner. With this technology, the Loewe TVs deliver a genuine 'film editing' like effect, with no dark frame whenever the channel is changed.

Perfect Design

Loewe gives painstaking attention to detail to everything that you can see and touch. Integrated cable management measures ensure that connections and routing do not de-tract from the overall aesthetic. Circumspectly, every Loewe TV is an object of beauty. Enjoyable even without an image on the screen.

Perfect Picture

View Ultra HD-quality photos and videos as they are meant be seen, in sharp and vi-brant clarity. The Loewe’s Ultra High Definition displays offers a resolution four times higher than that of a classic Full HD flat screen television. While Loewe's proprietary Ultra HD scaling algorithm delivers beautifully up-scaled Full HD content from 1,920 x 1,080 pixels to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Even the smallest model of this product line - Loe-we Connect 32 - provides the best picture quality in its class thanks to it´s customised Full-HD-Display.

Perfect Sound

The Loewe Connect has a sound quality to rival many home cinema systems. 80 watts of music output generates sound pressure of up to 90 dB. The closed-box design with base reflex delivers a genuine perception of deep but clean bass. Loewe is the first man-ufacturer in the world to integrate a 5.1 audio decoder with Dolby Digital and DTS. This eliminates the need for an separate external A/V receiver. This makes it simple to add combinations of speakers without complexity and clutter. Loewe Digital Audio Link is all you need to connect the sound system to the TV. The integrated TV soundbar can also be used as the centre speaker in a home cinema system for even closer synchro-nisation of dialogue and images.

Perfect Operation

Loewe Media Assist software that runs on the Loewe Connect Series is designed to de-liver an even better user experience with its elegant, clearly structured, and easily cus-tomisable home screen coupled with super fast and intuitive operation. The Loewe Smart Assist App is an intuitive remote control for your Loewe Connect on your smartphone screen. It includes a deluxe 7-day programme guide and access to mo-bile recording. All this and much more - quite literally at your fingertips.

More features

  • 4 colour schemes available. Mix and match these details with the housing colour to create different looks, each tailored to the decor.
  • The Loewe Art’s integrated loudspeakers fire the sound in a single direction – the front. Sounds simple, but it’s actually unique. Other TV sets emit the sound from the rear and underneath.
  • Loewe Art displays automatically adjusts to changes in the surrounding light condi-tions. This works in conjunction with VBD+ (Video-Compensated Backlight Dimming) ensures perfect illumination for every scene. For example, for a night-time scene in a crime thriller: the LED backlight dims to create a realistic black effect.


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