Loewe Reference 85 UHD

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The Loewe Reference sets exceptionally high standards. An achievement made possible by a perfectly synchronised performance. A crystal-clear Ultra-HD picture is combined with outstanding quality sound from Loewe's unique integrated soundbar. In the Loewe Reference timeless modernist design meets ultimate convenience, thanks to the integrat-ed hard disk recorder and Bluetooth audio streaming.
All mounting option comes with a 15% discount off the price.

True stature …

for sizeable demands.

The new Loewe Reference offers an authentic cinema experience thanks to the combination of breathtaking picture quality, large 55,75 and 85 inch screen sizes and exceptional sound. It is packed with innovative features such as Loewe's unique integrated hard dirve for pausing, recording and streaming TV. The Loewe Reference is manufactured in Germany, using the finest materials and timeless design.

Ultra High Definition ...

... for the best picture.

There are many competing claims and different measures used as indicators of picture quality. But its not just the numbers that count. It's the pictures you see and this is where Loewe really shines. For Loewe, it's all about the visual effect rather than impressive figures in a catalogue data table. Seeing is believing. The new Loewe Reference's Ultra High Definition display offers a resolution four times higher than a classic Full HD television. The UHD display is combined with Loewe's unique glass high contrast filter panel, delivering even richer colours and deeper blacks - for a truly special picture. For TV broadcast signals that do not yet meet the UHD standard Loewe's up-scaling algorithm converts from the currently available Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels to a rich Ultra HD 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. In a seamless process ensuring visibly enhanced details and clarity.

Defined shapes, strong emotions...

... less is so much more: the Loewe Reference creates a lasting impression.

When it comes to design, for once Loewe does not offer more than other television manufacturers. It offers less - in the form of refined minimalist designs and clean geometric shapes. The new Loewe Reference is a perfect example. Its defined outlines create a style statement that will enhance any living environment. From modern to traditional, from understated elegance to the most striking creative interiors, the Loewe Reference is designed to integrate harmoniously in any setting while at the same time making its own individual contribution to aesthetic appeal. Reflecting this philosophy, in addition to the colour options of Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Black or High-Gloss White, the Loewe Reference 55 also comes in the new warm shade of Dark Gold. When switched off, the monochrome black surface of the specialist glass contrast filter panel gives the Loewe Reference charismatic appeal, transforming it into a fully-fledged item of furniture in its own right. The Loewe Reference family is available in three different sizes 55, 75 and 85 inches, each high specification glass panel enclosed by a beautifully finished slim aluminium frame. Intelligent concealed cable management and a carefully designed back surface open up a multitude of presentation options, depending on the model: from a free-standing floor stand to table stand and TV cabinet configurations or in pride of place on the wall. The choice is yours. You can even ring the changes in terms of the viewing angle, thanks to the motorised rotatable floor stand.

Powerful dynamics, authentic effects.

for memorable cinema experiences and vibrant concerts: all in the comfort of your own home.

The Loewe Reference has a sound quality to rival even high-end hi-fi and home cinema systems: tangible bass, vivid middle, precise highs and an exceptionally wide dynamic range – the traditional hallmarks of Loewe Sound. The Loewe Reference sets particularly high standards. An integrated soundbar with eight speakers generates crystal-clear sound with a rich 120 watts of music output. In combination with the specially designed bass reflex box and integrated 5.1 audio decoder with Dolby Digital and DTS, the result is an impressive home cinema … and a perfect home concert hall. The Loewe Reference's cinema surround mode conveys amazingly authentic surround sound. At the touch of a button, it also allows you to switch between film and music mode. Special algorithms calculate the optimal overall sound setup for each situation: as powerful as possible while retaining sensitivity – ideal for cinema buffs and music fans.

A perfect sound experience...

... made to measure.

As well as its impressive solo performance, the Loewe Reference also shines at the heart of a harmonious ensemble. Thanks to the scalable Loewe sound system. For music connoisseurs, it's all about extending the spatial effect. To create an acoustic experience reminiscent of a concert hall, simply integrate two more Loewe Reference ID speakers, each producing 80 watts of music output. Made from extremely torsion-resistant ceramic, the tweeters master frequencies of up to 40,000 Hz with ease. The Appolito arrangement of the six speakers ensures an extremely transparent soundscape. All coming together to create the perfect concert experience. An additional two rear speakers will then transform your living room into a luxurious cinema hall.

Loewe Bluetooth features...

... a new kind of connectivity.

Your favourite music now has the showcase it deserves: thanks to the new Loewe Reference's Bluetooth connectivity. Its easy to connect your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet computer directly to the Loewe Reference to listen to your music collection or even a radio app. Wirelessly and with a sound quality that only the Loewe Reference can offer. You can also operate a Bluetooth enabled computer keyboard.


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