Bose® Around-Ear Ear Cushion


Compatible Products:

  • Bose® SoundTrue Around-Ear Headphones II


1. Removing the earcup cushion

Gently pull one area of the cushion away from the earcup until all nine tabs around the inside rim of the earcup and the tape strip on the mounting flange release.

2. Removing the scrim

Grab the scrim at the top edge and gently peel it away.

CAUTION: Do not press down on or remove any other components inside the earcup as this could damage the headphones.

3. Inserting the new scrim

A. On the back of the new scrim marked with an R, remove the paper backing from the two tape strips.
B. Place the scrim inside the right earcup in the same position as the original.
Tip: The right earcup has a power switch on the back. The left earcup has an audio cable connector on the bottom.
C. Gently press down over the tape strips to secure the scrim.

CAUTION: Do not press on the center section of the scrim as this could damage the headphones.

4. Re-attaching the earcup cushion

A. Press the edge of the mounting flange against the edge of one of the earcups until it snaps in place under a tab. You will hear and feel
a firm snap when the cushion is properly in place.
B. Continue pressing around the edge of the mounting flange until it snaps in place under all nine tabs.

CAUTION:To ensure proper audio performance, all nine tabs must be secure on both cushions.