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KEF T305 Home Theatre Speaker System

Slim profile, full-sized 5.1 Home Theatre System

 Uncompromised home theatre sound without bulky boxes. The T305 system, with T301 satellites and a T2 subwoofer is ready for anything. The ultimate T Series system has the best of everything: Four T301 front and rear channels with a T301c centre channel, and a T2 subwoofer with 250W Class D amplifier and 250mm (10in.) bass driver.  

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T305 Home Theatre Speaker System

For the full cinema-like experience, the ultimate T305 Home Theatre Speaker System has the best of everything: T301 Satellite Speaker and T301c Centre Channel Speaker all round, supported by the T2 Subwoofer.

Explore the KEF T Series
Slim, full-sized satellite speakers
With its ultra-low profile drivers the T301 packs an awful lot of punch for a speaker that's only 3.5cm thick.
Two and a half-way centre channel
Built to match the T301 satellite speakers, this centre channel has the same drivers, making it a perfect choice for gripping home theatre.
Slim profile subwoofer
With bass power that belies its size, the T-2 subwoofer creates a 3D image by adding definition and weight to the bottom end.