The name Happy Plugs states it all. This is a happy company with happy visions.

Happy Plugs believes in combining style and function. Tech accessories should not only fit your device, but also your outfit. Colour is essential in each design, and just like any other fashion brand Happy Plugs add new collections and fresh looks every season.

Happy Plugs is designed in Sweden, known for its vibrant fashion and music scene. The brand was born with the ambition of transforming essential tech accessories into fashion must-haves. Products from Happy Plugs are pure and elegant, but still fun and affordable. Fashion and style are delivered through each product down to its unique packaging.

Do much thought goes into design that Happy Plugs is the first ever consumer electronic brand nominated in Sweden’s biggest fashion award –  the prestigious Guldknappen Award. The award established in 1982 is given to a Swedish fashion designers to encourage Swedish fashion design. An acknowledgement that the fashion industry sees Happy Plugs as a one of them.

Happy Plugs follows simplicity right from the start. This is combined this with a great portion of happiness and minimalistic and clean design. These are things that we at Atlas Sound and Vision appreciate. So we proudly carry the Happy Plugs range of products.

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