IN THE SPOTLIGHT: BOSE LIFESTYLE SOUNDTOUCH 535 Published on 9 April 2016 | Posted by Atlas

In The Spotlight: Bose Lifestyle SoundTouch 535

It’s time to shine our Spotlight on another piece of tech from Atlas® Sound & Vision’s collection of wonders. This time we’ve got the Bose® Lifestyle® SoundTouch® 535 Home Theatre System lined up in our sights. This is the most comprehensive entertainment system from Bose®. If you’re one who enjoys movies at home, you’ll definitely be blown away by the features this package has for you.

At the heart of the Lifestyle® 535 is the Bose® control console that comes with enough inputs to keep the most gadget-wise person satiated. Bose’s Unify® technology makes connecting up to 6 HD and music sources easy. And when we say easy, we mean it. Setting-up all your different sources becomes child’s play with the system guiding you with visual, step-by-step prompts. Everything from BluRay players to gaming consoles can be made part of your system without much hassle. Even more, the Unify System will teach you how to program your remote to control all your connected devices using one remote to rule them all. By the way, the Bose® remote works via radio frequencies, not infra-red. So what, you say. Well, RF remotes do not need line-of-sight to send a signal. This means you can hide all your components (and accompanying clutter) out of sight, in your cabinet.

Connections are nothing if they aren’t handled well. This is where the Lifestyle® 535 stands above it’s peers. Out of the box, it supports 3D video. Should you use a lower quality source, the 535 will intelligently and automatically upscale video to deliver up to 1080p over HDMI. Combined with Bose’s Videostage® 5 decoding and post-processing circuitry, the 535 is able to deliver high quality, multi-channel surround sound experience from almost any source.

In addition to all the source-inputs available, Bose® SoundTouch® functionality opens the door to a host of network-connected sources. Once set up, you can enjoy Spotify, Deezer, Internet radio or your own music library through the Lifestyle® 535. While already quite comprehensive, the Lifestyle® 535 can be seamlessly expanded by placing other SoundTouch® units around your home. This set-up allows you to play the same music across your home, or enjoy different music in every room.

With everything connected, the built-in Bose ADAPTiQ® system adjusts everything to ensure you have the optimal sound experience. The system knows that all rooms are different. Each one is unique, with size, shape, textures and other elements that affect the sound that is heard. The ADAPTiQ® system analyses your room and adjusts the Lifestyle® 535 system to deliver consistent and high-quality performance.

What does it look like?

Bose® Home Theatre systems are meant to be as unobtrusive as possible. After all, when you watch movies or listen to music, you’re expecting performance; you’re not out to dazzle everyone with how it looks. The Lifestyle® 535 Home Theatre System though, ticks both boxes. It sounds great while elegantly complementing your décor and personal style.

Sleek and black, the Lifestyle® 535 won’t shame you with weird design protrusions. The new Jewel Cube® speakers are like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. They’re sleek, black and rectangular, but unlike the monolith, just 16 cm high. Nice and compact, but what they’ve got inside them will provide you with output that always manages to surprise. Precisely angled transducers allow these speakers to pack a larger punch than most speakers their size. Place them on wall brackets or mount them on the ceiling, they’ll look great anywhere. That is, if you notice them at all.

The Acoustimass® is all about performance, with clean, distortion-free bass that sets the stage for anything you’re listening to. Which bring us to the next, most important part of this 'In the Spotlight review…'

What does it sound like?

You know the Dolby or THX intros they run before they start the movie? The ones with graphics of flame and ice, bouncing balls or helicopters, with the sounds effects coming at you from all different directions? Well, with Lifestyle® SoundTouch®, it’ll be just like you’re sitting in a movie theater.

Imagine the sound of bombers flying overhead, and then actually feeling the thump in your chest as they drop their payload, courtesy of the bass module. If you’re not into war films, how about hearing the forest breeze pass by from one end of the room to the other as the romantic score slowly builds up, coming from all directions. That’s the kind of audio experience you’ll have. The Lifestyle® 535 has the power and the clarity to convince you that the action is truly taking place all around you.

But it's not just raw power or analytical clarity that impresses. The emotion and depth of audio that the Lifestyle® 535 brings truly is phenomenal. It builds the already amazing Bose® home theatre experience and adds a level of polish that will leave you picking your jaw up off the floor.

Now It’s Your Turn

Have you set up a home theatre system by yourself before? Tell us about that experience. And if you’ve recently purchased a Bose® Lifestyle® SoundTouch® 535 Home Theatre System, tell us the difference that made to your life. We’re looking forward to your comments below.