Your Family Activity. Agriculture or Art? Published on 14 April 2016 | Posted by Atlas


Urban Farming and our Bose & Loewe showcase at the Walk of Art Exhibition.. I thought it would be interesting to share these 2 things in this month's email to you. One is a personal farming story and the other, our Bose & Loewe showcase at the Walk of Art Exhibition (and yes, there are some good deals there).

The weather has been rather sweltering recently and is it just me or has April been hotter than March, with the temperatures reaching record levels. It might be Spring in other countries, but here it seems well into scorching summer. Even with this rather punishing heat, I am glad that my recent venture into urban farming still worked out. Here's a picture of the Aerospring gardening system that I took at home this morning. Happy to see that quite a number of the plants are thriving!

Quite pleased with my first attempt at urban farming.

My first harvest! This was blended raw with bananas to make a green smoothie for breakfast.
I really like the idea of growing our own food where we can, and also showing my 4 yr old daughter the process. She likes to add milk to the smoothie to have a "Green Milkshake". If you would like to know more about this urban farming efforts, please feel free to hit me up and I would be happy to share.

I'm of course happy that technology allows me to connect with my daughter over urban farming, even in the heat.

Walk of Art @ Millenia Walk

Speaking of connecting with loved ones, there is a Walk of Art exhibition in Millennia Walk and we at Atlas have a booth there to support the event and showcase our own selection. I may be biased but I certainly consider some of them works of art in their own right!

Apart from the star buys available from Atlas booth (below), there are also some interesting promotions at the exhibition. These include a lucky draw with prizes worth up to $1000, Snap share & Show promotion, Walking on the Wild Side Facebook contest and several other attractive promotions and interactive activities as well. This is on from now till 29 April.

We look forward to seeing you there. I'll be visiting the showrooms and exhibition a fair bit, and I would love to say "Hi".
Here's a link to the Star Buys for more details and pricing.

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