Loewe bild 7.55 WitH OLED technology

Loewe bild 7.55 WitH OLED technology is available to buy in increments of 1


($10,279.44 without GST)

The Loewe bild 7 OLED TV’s beautifully minimalist design blends harmoniously into any modern living environment. Welcome to the new world of visually compelling images. With colours even more brilliant and contrasts sharper than ever before. On an ultraslim screen. OLED technology: a masterpiece.
All mounting option comes with a 15% discount off the price.
*Please allow 2-4 weeks delivery lead time.

All around elegant.

An elegant fabric conceals the connectors and cables on the rear of the TV allowing bild 7 to look great from 360 degrees enabling a wide choice of placement options with larger rooms.

The new Loewe viewing experience combining the very latest state of the art OLED technology and Loewe’s legendary image processing software, is called Loewe VantaVision. This term derives from the darkest substance ever created by man called VantaBlack®. It consists of particles that reflect almost no light. By using this special maximum black, space telescopes are calibrated and satellites camouflaged. The deepest shade of black has also created a new dimension for the visual arts. VantaVision from Loewe is inspired by VantaBlack®.

Premium Materials For All-Day Comfort

Theatre begins when switching on bild 7, the screen automatically moves upwards on a series of motors unveiling a slim and yet powerful soundbar. With an incredible output of 120 watts the device produces dynamic, precise, room-filling sound for an unprecedented entertainment experience


Product Weight
25.2 kg
More Information
Size 55
Height 86.4cm
Color Black
Version Products
Bild Bild 7

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