One Love story.A class of its own: the Loewe One 55 will impress you with its intuitive Dual Channel experience. You can watch one programme while recording another one via the external USB hard drive - e.g. with the Loewe DR+ Feature Disk. It's that simple.

One with a new look.Loewe One brings a new dimension to design. The frameless monitor-like design has an integrated rear-firing speaker system. The TV looks completely different without visible speakers. Its extremely slim and light design allows it to blend in perfectly in any room. Loewe One provides a balanced sound experience thanks to its integrated stereo sound system with 2 x 20 watts of output. Expand your sound experience with the ideal system components: two satellite speakers and the new subwoofer 300 - to enjoy the bass.

Streaming television.Experience entertainment with Loewe, your favourite portals such as Amazon Video and TIDAL are already integrated into Loewe One.*
Enjoy your favourite music with Tidal in high fidelity (Flac 1411 kbps - lossless) or standard quality. A perfect connection between your Loewe One and the Loewe system speakers.
It also has Bluetooth. So you can easily transmit the sound of television programmes, recordings or music pieces wirelessly via your Bluetooth headphones. Or play music from your phone through your TV speakers. Simply activate it via the Loewe Feature Upgrade (sold separately).
*each subscription is subject to a charge and is available direct from the service provider.

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