A real eyecatcher.

Good design is innovative, aesthetic, unobtrusive. All details are carefully designed and because there are so many stand options, Loewe bild 1 will fit perfectly into every room in the home.

"Because my life is not planned around the TV schedule."

The Loewe bild 1 gives me total freedom. No other TV makes things so easy. I can create my own viewing schedule according to my personal taste, thanks to Amazon Video, Maxdome, YouTube and the USB recording function. With crisp, precise images from 55 inches in Ultra-HD resolution. Sarah Bernauer, video artist, Berlin

"Sounds great to me."

In love? Feeling relaxed? Party time? TIDAL provides the perfect music to suit my mood. As an integrated app the service streams my songs in both high fidelity or standard quality directly to my TV and connected Loewe klang 1 speakers. I enjoy listening to my music wirelessly too with Bluetooth headphones using TIDAL or streaming directly to the TV from my smartphone via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth feature is available via an optional upgrade from the online store.

Simply intuitive.

The TV and connected audio are controlled via a clearly structured and intuitive user interface. It's child‘s play to find the content you are looking for and your favourite TV channels, connected devices and websites etc... can be saved on to the home screen for easy access.

Intelligent remote control.

The elegant remote control feels very high quality. Its aluminium surface and clearly structured layout makes channel hopping a pleasure! One for all. The Loewe remote controls all Loewe equipment, including audio systems. And thanks to its learning function, it can also control devices from other manufacturers too.

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