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Accuphase Tuners, Power Supply, and more

Discover supreme listening pleasure with our range of Accuphase Tuners, Power Supply, Phono Cartridges, and other Options. Experience Accuphase's stunning musical performance and sound purity.

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Accuphase Tuner

Accuphase T-1200 DDS FM Stereo Tuner
With impeccable sound quality and outstanding performance in an easy to use format, this FM tuner has been developed for demanding audio and music connoisseurs.

  • Using a blend of latest RF circuit design with sophisticated digital signal processing
  • Most major functions after the intermediate frequency stage such as the variable bandwidth IF filter, multipath reduction, digital FM demodulator and DS-DC stereo demodulation have been moved to software on the DSP chip
  • Manual tuning using the pulse tuning method, plus 20-station memory tuning
  • A digital output provides further flexibility.
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Accuphase Power Supply

The power supply delivers the energy your audio equipment uses for music playback. Accuphase’s Clean Power Supply components provide a power source with minimum noise and distortion by utilizing a groundbreaking waveform shaping technology that compares the power supply’s waveform to a reference waveform, then supplements insufficiencies and removes any excess misshaping. The results of waveform shaping are then observable in a new waveform display.
Accuphase PS-1250
Clean power supply
The PS-1250 delivers impressive improvements in audio quality, making it an essential supplement to fine audio equipment.

  • Input /output waveform display
  • Output power meter
  • Input/output voltage meter
  • Input/output distortion meter
  • Massive output capacity
  • 0.08% total harmonic distortion waveform shaping
  • High-grade output voltage correction
  • Numerous output terminals
  • High-sensitivity protection circuitry
  • Large high-efficiency toroidal transformer
  • Large filtering capacitors
Accuphase PS-550
Clean power supply
The PS-550 can deliver as much as 510 VA, covering the requirements of most standard audio components.

  • AC voltage stabilizer based on waveform shaping technology
  • Acts as a source of extremely clean energy
  • Low-distortion reference waveform generator
  • Highly effective waveform compensation
  • Outstanding current capability
  • Superb interference rejection
  • Built-in meter for monitoring vital parameters including output power, input/output voltage, and input/output distortion
  • Advanced protection features
  • Large high-efficiency toroidal transformer

Accuphase Phono Cartridge

Accuphase AC-6 Moving Coil Phono Cartridge
The AC-6 is a new addition to the highly acclaimed Accuphase lineup of phono cartridges. This MC cartridge features the latest technology in terms of materials and construction. Every single aspect of the cartridge has been finely honed to deliver optimum performance, ushering the listener into the wonderful world of analog records.
  • Base section made of stiff extruded titanium further hardened by gold ion plating
  • Cartridge body made of extruded aluminum with gold-colored alumite coating
  • Solid boron cantilever with high propagation speed faithfully transmits the stylus
  • Semi line contact stylus shape accurately traces even minute groove
  • Magnetic circuit with strong grade N50 permanent neodymium magnet
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Accuphase Option Boards

Accuphase AD-2900
Phono equaliser unit
AD-2900 is the dedicated phono equalizer unit. Analog records can be reproduced with high quality by installing AD-2900 in a rear-panel slot. The AD-2900 features separate input circuitry for MC and MM cartridges to ensure optimum matching and realize outstanding S/N ratio. 2 sets of analog-player input jacks, the AD1 and AD2 are equipped, and their selections are switchable with the INPUT selector of pre-amplifiers.

Accuphase AD-50
Analog disc input board
High- performance phono equalizer amp for playback of analog records.

  • MC/MM switching is possible on the front panel of the enabled device.
  • Internal DIP switches control MC input impedance and subsonic filter on/off.
Accuphase DAC-60
Digital input board
The DAC-60 is a digital input board that can input digital signals directly into amplifier units when installed in Accuphase preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers. Three input types are provided (USB, OPTICAL, COAXIAL) for connection to a broad range of digital devices. 
Accuphase LINE-10
Line input board
Born from cutting-edge audio technologies, the LINE-10 is an option board that provides truly high-quality and fully expressive performances.
  • Compatible: C-2000, C-245, C-265, CX-260 E-307, E-308, E-407, E-408, E-530, E-550