Accuphase Digital Source

The future is here. The new digital processors from Accuphase are built with high rigidity and precision to deliver a digital signal of unsurpassed purity, bringing you one step closer to your favourite music.
Precision MDCD SA-CD player
Sleek and ultra-smooth, the DP-750 is the supreme integrated CD player, harnessing the latest technology to deliver the full splendour of great musical performances.
Precision SA-CD transport
Ushering in the new era of information fidelity, the DP-950 has been machined with the utmost precision to fully bring out a wealth of musical detail.
Precision MDSD digital processor
The DC-950 redefines the state-of-the-art digital processor through innovative technology, delivering each digital signal at ultra-high speed with great accuracy.

Precision MDSD digital processor
Blending the technical excellence and stunning sound quality of Accuphase's flagship models, the DC-37 is a compact digital processor built for the future.
Digital frequency dividing network
A multi-channel divider with digital signal processing, the DF-65 delivers ultimate audio enjoyment with outstanding performance, sophisticated features and intuitive operation.
Digital voicing equaliser
Now in its fourth generation, the DG-58 takes intelligent equalization to the next level while remaining simple and intuitive to operate.
MDS SA-CD player
Exquisitely constructed, the DP-570 employs the latest technology to fully convey the allure of your favourite CDs.
MDS compact disc player
If you're looking for a dedicated CD player, the DP-430 is bound to open up  new emotional depths even from your most familiar music sources.