Accuphase Integrated Amplifiers

It's more than just about great sound. In an epoch-defining fusion of skill and technology, Accuphase delivers peerless acoustic excellence and instills the dynamic performance of separate components into its range of integrated amplifiers.
Class A precision integrated amplifier
The flagship model in Accuphase's lineup of integrated amplifiers. Driven by pure Class A precision, the E-800 realises acoustic excellence that reaches to the very heart of the music.

Class A precision integrated amplifier
The reference model of a new integrated amplifier generation. The E-650 is defined by innovative engineering, aiming for an exquisite sensibility with a rich array of refined Class A technology.

180W/ch integrated stereo amplifier
Built with ample output power and drive capability, the E-480 approaches the functional excellence and performance grade of separate amplifier components.
120W/ch integrated stereo amplifier
Combining Accuphase's world-class design and revolutionary AAVA volume control, the E-380 delivers music enjoyment at any level without the slightest degradation of signal quality. 

90W/ch integrated stereo amplifier
The new Accuphase E-280 employs the latest AAVA volume control system and attains 12% lower noise performance than its predecessor, the E-270.