Accuphase Power Amplifiers

Encounter music like never before with Accuphase monophonic and stereo power amplifiers. Marked by impeccable quality that stands the test of time, every model delivers effortlessly dynamic performance, expressing even the most delicate and minute details with stunning realism.
1,200W/1Ω monophonic power amplifier
With its unprecedented level of performance, the M-6200 redefines the monophonic power amplifier by drastically lowering the noise floor and improving the damping factor.
800W/1Ω stereo power amplifier
For a stereo power amplifier that towers over the rest, the P-7300 brings together  the best of Accuphase technology and sonic expertise, delivering the ultimate in Class AB performance.

500W/1Ω stereo power amplifier
The P-4500 is proof that, through class-leading engineering, you can experience immersive sound on the highest level with any kind of loudspeaker - from a more compact power amplifier.
Class A monophonic power amplifier
Witness a new dimension of musical expressiveness and bold presence with the A-250. Its stunning wealth of detail exemplifies a new pinnacle in power amplifier history.
Class A 60W/ch stereo power amplifier
The A-75 is a sheer delight to experience, designed with Class A precision for astonishing sonic clarity, and capable of  driving large and demanding speakers.

Class A 45W/ch stereo power amplifier
For a true Class A stereo power amplifier with authentic musicality, the A-48 delivers outstanding performance by harnessing a wealth of advanced technology.
Class A 30W/ch stereo power amplifier
If you're looking for pure class A precision, the A-36 is an impressive baseline model, built with the same Accuphase technology and designed for reliable performance and impeccable sound quality.