Accuphase Preamplifiers

The essence of trailblazing technology meets the beauty of tradition in our range of Accuphase preamplifiers. Behind each model, Accuphase's distinctive design philosophy has been honed to perfection, marrying true craftsmanship and sophisticated engineering in its iconic champagne gold package.
Accuphase C-3900
Precision stereo amplifier
If you're looking for incredible smoothness and complete mastery over music reproduction, the C-3900 is the ultimate analog preamplifier that exemplifies 45 years of Accuphase excellence.

Accuphase C-2900
Precision stereo amplifier
With the C-2900, you'll experience the ultimate in volume control performance and comfort from a component that is in a class of its own. Designed to transport the listener into the enchanting realm of high-end audio.
Accuphase C-2450
Precision stereo control centre
Blending the purely analog AAVA volume control with similarly sophisticated technology used in the other models, the C-2450 is a next-generation preamplifier that brings new clarity and a refined expression to the music. 
Accuphase C-2150
Stereo control centre
Set to satisfy even the most demanding music lover, the C-2150 is a versatile next-generation control centre that performs close to higher-end models while having room for add-ons.
Accuphase C-47
Stereo phono amplifier
A standalone phono equaliser amplifier, the C-47 makes no compromises on circuit design and sonic quality, making it the perfect match for other models.