Measure your sound.
Tailor your hearing.

Audeara is revolutionising the way you listen with the world's first full-fidelity headphones with a built-in hearing test. Designed by doctors and engineers to deliver perfect sound, always.

Every person hears differently and every person hears differently in each headphone. Audeara headphones adapt to your unique hearing as it changes throughout our life - making listening perfect, always. With Audeara, hear sound that is tailored just for you.

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Audeara A-01

Enhance music, entertainment and communication by focusing on what really matters – what you can hear.
Personalised Audio
Allowing you to calibrate the headphones to your specific hearing profile.
Active Noise Cancelling
Your headphones, your choice. Noise cancelling switched on or off.
Extended Battery Life
The large battery offers up to 35 hrs of Bluetooth audio playback with Active Noise Cancelling.
Hands Free Calling
The built in microphone and clear voice capture technology lets you make crystal clear calls on the go.

Every person hears differently and your left ear hears differently to your right.
Your Audeara Headphones tailor the Audio to your individual hearing.
Find new parts in your favorite song.
Hear notes you didn’t know were missing.

Audeara Companion App

You can store multiple profiles and share with your friends – no two pairs of calibrated headphones will sound the same.

Test as many times as you like to ensure that you’re continually monitoring your hearing health.

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Pair with our BT-01 Transceiver to enjoy personalised audio from any device!

The transceiver is a sleek and compact Bluetooth® audio transmitter that streams audio wirelessly from your TV or stereo. The transceiver allows you to connect up to two pairs of Bluetooth headphones allowing two people to listen at the same time.

The transceiver can also act as a receiver, streaming high-quality audio from your smartphone any speaker system.

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