How to exchange / get a refund for your Bose Sleepbuds

All refunds must be done by 31 December 2019.
  • Sleepbuds bought within the last two weeks:
    1. Customers who bought the Sleepbuds within the last two weeks must go back to the original shop where they bought the item to request for a refund/ exchange.
    2. Bring along with you your proof of purchase.
  • Sleepbuds bought earlier:
  • You may either ask for a refund or exchange for your sleep buds. Please get ready the following information. 
    1. Proof of purchase
    2. Product info (you will need to charge the sleep buds and pair them and go to the settings button to get the product info). Alternatively, if you cannot pair your sleep buds, you may get the serial number from the back of the charging case.
    3. Name;
    4. Email (clearly written);
    5. Contact Number where we can reach you; 
    6. Where you bought the item. 

    You would need to upload these information onto this link.
    We will reach out to you within four to six weeks to inform you of the next steps.