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The award-winning depth and clarity of the Q Series.

Everybody deserves great sound. Which is why KEF’s Q Series takes cutting-edge acoustic technology from ranges such as the legendary REFERENCE and Blade loudspeakers to a wider selection of people. Representing exceptional value, the Q Series continues to win awards globally by unlocking detail and depth in whatever you choose to listen to.

KEF Q Series

Flagship 2.5-way floorstander
With a big bass driver, twin ABRs and Uni-Q driver array, the Q950 floorstander can deliver music and cinema in full effect.
Mid-sized 2.5-way floorstander
With a Uni-Q mid and treble backed up by a bass driver and two ABRs the Q750 is built to deliver total musical enjoyment.
Compact 2.5-way floorstander
Far more capable than its compact size might suggest, KEF Q550 delivers wide bandwidth and full scale with ease.
2-way bookshelf
If space is limited, the Q350 will not limit your musical enjoyment. Enjoy detailed natural sound with high clarity and tight bass.
2-way bookshelf
The Q150 proves that the best things come in small packages. A Uni-Q driver and CFD port allow it to punch way above its weight.
2.5-way centre channel
A centre channel needs to perfectly match the home theatre system, Uni-Q technology means the sound is as seamless as the picture.
2-way centre channel 
Size is vital when matching centre channels, which is why the Q250C is the perfect partner for smaller Q Series models.
Decorate your wall with sound
KEF B2 Wall Bracket is designed to be used with KEF  Q150 and Q350 for even better integration into your home environment.