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Perfect Party Planning with Atlas Publish on 15 December, 2015 | Posted by Atlas

Christmas is wonderful. It really is. There’s festive cheer on tap. Everyone around is exchanging gifts. Decorations are up. The lights are pretty. Your friends are coming over. He’s bringing extra drinks. She promised to make your favourite dip. They’re bringing mash (oh, that mash). Your world-famous roast is in the oven. It smells wonderful. It’s shaping up to be a good evening. What else can be done, you ask. Well, you master-party-planner you, here are five things that can ratchet your party with friends up to the level of celebration of the season.
Now, using Bose® SoundTouch®, save those playlists to the system’s six convenient presets. Go and use preset 1 for your pre-party prep list; 2 for the welcome and get in here playlist; 3 for dance, dance, dance; 4 for the big feast. Well, you get the point. Since all presets can be accessed from the SoundTouch® unit, it’s remote, or even via the SoundTouch® app on the phone in your pocket, its easy to move music along with the mood of the party. Should people want to stay back and dance the night away, well, just press 3.

Prepare that party playlist.
Once upon a time, in a living room not so far away, one had to run a galaxy-length of cables to connect devices; juggle a table-full of remotes to maintain control; and learn encyclopaedic knowledge to make sure they all played well together.
Thankfully the best improvement to home theater systems is unification. The smartest of systems allow you to pull all your devices together. Each of them connected to the system’s head unit. You run one (yes, one) HDMI cable to the TV screen.

Blanket the house with music.
Other parties just turn the volume up so that the whole house could be blasted with sound. That soon gets annoying. Those too close to source get tired of the loudness. They end up shouting just to be heard. Then there are parts of the house where the music just can’t reach. There guests stare at drinks in awkward silence.
But that’s not your style is it? Not you. No. Your clever planning puts a capable speaker in every room. Again, with the Bose® SoundTouch® system, sending music wirelessly throughout the house is easy. Put the SoundTouch® 30 in the dining room. The 10 in the hallway. The 20 in the patio. The SoundTouch® enabled 535 in the living room. Since this chorus of speakers sound great at any volume, you don’t need to turn them all the way up. They’ll perform in perfect unison and just hum along with the conversation until, of course, you want to shake the room.

Put something special on the big screen.
Sometimes it’s just nice to add a little visual push to the festivities. Nothing brash or loud. You don’t really want people to sit and watch. With the volume down, create a sense of movement in the periphery that your guests could point to or smile at. You want pretty moving pictures on the side. Choose to play movies that are recognisable and have enough emotional connection to being Christmas memories. Something like A Charlie Brown Christmas or the crowd favourite It’s a Wonderful Life.
Consider the Loewe Art 55 UHD TV for this task. With 4K resolution it’s more than capable of delivering wonderful pictures. It upscales lesser video sources (like the classic movies we want to show) with a clever algorithm delivering images so natural, with detail so nuanced, all in a distinctly designed package. The Loewe is beautifully understated. It’s so confident, it doesn’t need to shout. Perfect for pretty moving pictures on the side.

The recovery day plan.
It’s a must to plan for the day after. First, invite a handful of friends over; five or six, max. You’re thinking: weren’t they just over the night before? Yes, but there is always way too much food (and a little too much to clean). Then, instead of pretending to clean, carve the leftover roast. Slice it thin. Put it straight on to fresh bread. A bit of seeded mustard. Top with Swiss cheese. Make one sandwich for each of your friends. Gather around the couch. Swivel the Loewe to face you. Turn on the Bose® Lifestyle® 535 and start binge watching through your Christmas movie list. Good friends. Comfort food. Captivating images. Immersive sound. This is a real after party.

Small surprises for special friends.
After a few movies, and a lot of sandwiches, you and your closest friends will be full (again). They’ll be about ready to roll out the door. Before they leave, give them one more surprise. A small present. Just a token, really. A pair of Happy Plugs Deluxe Earbuds for each of them. You know exactly who’ll take the camouflage print ones. Get two gold ones so the sisters don’t fight. The Sport edition for the runner. It’s wonderful to be able to share so much with great friends. Speaking of sharing, send them the link to your Christmas party playlist. Now they can really take your party home.

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