Bluesound Node 2 (Display)


Join the streaming revolution.

The NODE 2 was made to connect traditional HiFis — or simply a set of powered speakers — to the exciting new world of streaming audio and Internet radio. With the ability to connect to a wide range of digital and analog sources, the NODE 2 instantly breathes new life into equipment even decades old.

Product Description

The CPU has been substantially upgraded from the previous generation, and is one of the most powerful ARM® CORTEX™ processors available, with A9 cores and a 1GHz clock speed. This delivers flawless decoding of lossless files at high sampling rates, and snappy response times to complex tasks. Massive computing power takes the streaming experience to new levels of responsiveness and control.

The NODE 2i, like all Bluesound Players, is controlled from your smartphone or tablet using the free BIuOS™ App. The App brings all your music sources together for complete control whether they are in the cloud, on your computer or phone, or from almost any other source via the various digital and analog inputs. Stream from Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or connect to your wired LAN. Whatever the musical source, Bluesound will play it in the highest available resolution – all the way up to studio master 24/192 resolution.

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