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Bluesound Pulse 2 (Clearance)


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Bluesound brings all your music together in one beautiful and accomplished speaker. The full-size PULSE 2 delivers music with amazing presence and lifelike detail, from vertigo-inducing highs, to mind-shaking bass. 

Product Description

This tri-amplified two-way stereo speaker is a complete plug-and-play music system made with the same ingredients as some of the most highly acclaimed audiophile components available. Processed through the latest generation engine and an innovative and powerful DirectDigital™ AMP/DAC array, the PULSE 2 delivers the ability to fill even large rooms with pure high-res audio. Including an amplified headphone output, analog input and even an IR sensor for seamless integration with your TV audio — now you can finally bring your HD home entertainment system up to a total, true HiFi experience.

The PULSE 2, like all Bluesound Players, is controlled from your smartphone or tablet using the free BIuOS™ App. The App brings all your music sources together for complete control whether they are in the cloud, on your computer or phone, or from almost any other source via the various digital and analog inputs. Stream from Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or connect to your wired LAN. Whatever the musical source, Bluesound will play it in the highest available resolution — all the way up to studio master 24/192 resolution. 

Each PULSE Player can be used as an independent Player, or pairs can be joined for true stereo playback to enhance the music listening experience. Newly integrated optical digital and analog stereo inputs add dramatically enhanced connectivity, as well as a TV-CONNECT learning IR sensor for seamless integration and control of HD/UHDTV entertainment systems. You can finally have a true, total HD experience.


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