Bose 203 (Clearance)

*Clearance Products **White Only***

All clearance products are brand new and have 3 months warranty. There may be some discolouration on the product.

General Description

The 203 loudspeaker is a 100-Watt passivelyequalized loudspeaker designed for surface-mount installations in commercial spaces. Itoffers the following features:

  • High fidelity sound reproduction from 60 Hzto 16 kHz
  • Two patented 4.5" Bose StarDriver®transducers providing reliable, high quality soundin a compact enclosure
  • One forward-facing and one cross-firingdriver to create a spacious soundstage overa broad listening area
  • Internal protection circuitry
  • Mounting hardware that permits fast andeasy installation

Loud Speaker Configuration

The Bose® 203® loudspeaker can be used with the Bose AmPlusTM business music amplifier. It is also compatiblewith industry-standard professionalamplifiers. Because the loudspeaker is passively equalized, it does not require the use of an external equalization card. The 203 loudspeakers canbe part of a distributed sound system when used in conjunction with the transformer accessory. There are two loudspeakers per carton.