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Como Audio Ambiente

Piano Black
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Como Audio's Ambiente is the secret weapon to unlocking a powerfully resonant, room-filling audio experience, when paired with Como Audio's Solo as an additional plug-in stereo speaker option. Solo was engineered to sound great on its own, but when partnered with Ambiente, they become a dynamic duo that will give both of your ears a pleasurable workout.

Stereophonic sound entails the accurate reproduction of independent left and right audio channels. Nudge Solo’s rear switch over to “ST” and connect Ambiente’s audio cable to Solo’s Speaker output, and you are living large. From that point on, Ambiente will handle the right channel heavy lifting while Solo will dedicate itself to the left channel duties. 


  • Transforms Solo into a true Stereo System
  • Doubles total amplifier output power from 30 watts to 60 watts RMS
  • Improves bass response
  • 12’ (3,6 m) cable allows placement to create an expansive soundstage
  • Simple to Connect
  • No external power supply necessary
  • Provides sound even if the WiFi network is down
  • Furniture-grade wood veneers and multi-layer piano gloss finish