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PIEGA Premium Wireless 701 (Display)



Products that have been used in Atlas stores for less than 6 months and have undergone thorough inspection and testing to determine that there are no defects. All display products have 6 months warranty.

This active loudspeaker represents a new generation of speakers that combines outstanding sound quality with convenient sound production features. The Premium Wireless 701 is controlled by a digital wireless connection, plays your music streamed from the smartphone via Bluetooth and can be integrated into a multi-room system. Thanks to its dynamic and powerful sound performance, it can be operated in virtually any room. The integrated 200 watt amplifier supplies the power required for dynamic and powerful sound reproduction.

DSP sound tuning – dynamic loudness function

The integrated sound processor automatically ensures optimum sound quality and also protects your loudspeakers from overload.

Two low midrange drivers

Two 140 mm MDS low midrange drivers provide a low ranging bass and a balanced midrange.

Ready to use for multi-room systems

The PIEGA connect module enables you to connect the loudspeakers with different multi-room systems simply and quickly.

Aluminium cabinets

Aluminium is the ideal material for loudspeaker cabinets thanks to its outstanding acoustic properties and elegant look.

Integrated Bluetooth aptX module

The Bluetooth aptX receiver integrated in the loudspeaker enables you to stream music with optimum sound quality.