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The Evolution of Music Publish on 20 May, 2016 | Posted by Atlas

Music has always been a staple in our lives. It accompanies us during all our important moments, creating memories and bringing them back just by listening to a familiar tune. But while music is a constant, the way we’ve listened to it over the years has definitely changed.

We started off with vinyl (which is making a comeback in a big way, these days). Following which, we moved on to cassette tapes, and if you’re from that era, I’m sure you would have vivid memories of attempting to rewind cassette tapes by inserting a pencil and spinning it wildly.

The next wave came with the advent of compact discs. With the ability to encode high quality files, a bigger memory, and smaller physical size, CDs made music incredibly accessible to music lovers everywhere. And if that wasn’t handy enough, the next change came about in the form of digital downloads. The humble MP3 file exploded onto the scene and changed the way we listened to music forever.

And these days, it’s even easier. There’s no need to even bother with downloads. Services like Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music give you instant access to the music you want, without having to bother with downloads, even.

Although we’ve come a long way when it comes to how we get our music, one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s our need for good quality music. With plenty of music on our phones, the rage these days is for Bluetooth speakers, which allow you to play your music anywhere you want. However, as Bluetooth speakers are so accessible, many of us use them at home for our music needs as well. While Bluetooth speakers give you excellent, portable sound, they might not be the best choice for your home.

Here’s why;

They’re tethered to your phone - While this may be a great thing for portability, if you’re using the phone for entertainment at home, any other sound that the phone makes comes through the speakers, and if a call comes through, your music stops completely. And let’s not forget the drain on the battery.

They’re usually not powerful enough - Music at home is best enjoyed when it fills the room with its presence, and Bluetooth speakers can’t usually produce a big enough sound.

Unequal enjoyment - While we tend to think of ourselves when we purchase gadgets, let’s not forget that everyone at home enjoys music as well. And our parents or significant other might not have the same collection of music that we have. They might also not know how to use Bluetooth speakers.

So what alternative do we have for the home? The best option for today are WiFi speakers. These speakers connect to your wifi network to give you an uninterrupted audio supply that will fill your home with delicious audio. But if you’ve looked in any tech magazine recently, chances are you might be overwhelmed with the choices that you have. So how exactly do you decide on the best WiFi speaker system for your home? We’re here to help.

What Do You Listen To?

The first step is to think about what music you play. Different services offer differing options. Some limit you to one music service, others offer you a whole long list (and the kitchen sink). Which one is better? The truth is, it depends on you. If you subscribe to many different music services, you might go with a provider that gives you all those options. However, in our experience, we’ve found that most consumers tend to stick with the biggest music streaming services in the market; Spotify and Deezer. Both of these services offer you access to tens of millions of tracks for a low subscription fee of about ten dollars a months. The Bose® SoundTouch® app offers full integration with both these services, with the ability to access all the content directly from the app.

You might also have a collection of MP3 files in your hard drive. SoundTouch® gives you easy access to this music as well, allowing you to browse your collection by Track Name, Artiste, Album or Genre.

Another popular way of listening to music is via Internet radio stations. They give you static free streams of music that you otherwise might not experience. Bose® SoundTouch® gives you completely free access to thousands of radio stations from all over the world. You have the power to switch from Brazilian Samba to French Classical at a touch.

And finally, if you’re a die-hard Bluetooth fan, the SoundTouch® systems give you that as well, allowing you to stream music directly from your phone to the speaker.

Where Do You Listen To It? Long gone are the days where only the living room had music. These days, music is welcome in every part of the home. However, when it comes to WiFi music systems, one size does not fit all. You might need something smaller in the kitchen to keep you company while you whip up your masterpiece. A more powerful speaker for the dining room, to entertain your guests. Look out for systems that offer you various options that fit into different parts of your home. A great option are the SoundTouch® Digital Music Systems from Bose®. This range features three distinct systems, the SoundTouch® 10, the SoundTouch® 20 and the SoundTouch® 30.

The SoundTouch® 10 features the smallest footprint of the three, and easily fits into the kitchen or your walk-in closet, without taking up too much space. The SoundTouch® 20 has a more powerful sound and a slightly larger size, and is great for your bedroom or a guest room. Finally, the SoundTouch® 30 is the powerhouse, and is great if you wanted a Wifi music system for your dining or living room, even.

Who Listens?
You’re probably the tech savvy one in the family, so terms like apps and Wifi are a daily thing. Using a Wifi enabled speaker might seem easy to you, but to someone else, it can be an unsurmountable task. When looking out for a Wifi music system, try looking for something that is easy to use, and offers multiple ways to control it. A great example of an easy to use system is the Bose® SoundTouch®. Your systems can be controlled with a simple app, which is incredibly easy to use. The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android, and there also versions for MacOS and Windows, so you’re not limited to controlling from your phone. You can also assign your favourite playlists and radio stations to presets. These presets allow you one-touch access to your favourite music from the app. The systems also include a remote control and actual buttons on top of the systems, so you can select presets and change the volume easily, without ever having to use the app. Imagine coming home, tired after work, and being able to access your favourite playlist at the touch of a button. Or setting your mum’s favourite radio station up, so all she has to do is press Preset 1, even if she doesn’t have a smartphone. Only possible with Bose® SoundTouch®.

Who Sets Everything Up?
When you go to the showroom for a demonstration, chances are everything is set up and working perfectly. Take a moment to enquire about the setup process, and if there’s any extra hardware or cables you need. Some setups can require plenty of IT know-how, which can get a bit tricky, and time-consuming.

The Bose® SoundTouch® systems can all be set up in under 5 minutes, from the same app that you use to control them, directly from your phone. Easy as pie.

And there you have it, some of our pointers on what to look out for the next time you go shopping for a WiFi music system. Is there anything else that you specifically look out for? Write to us and let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

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