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The relationship between cost, service, quality and assurance Publish on 21 May, 2016 | Posted by Atlas

There used to be a time when the only way to buy new audio gear meant going for a short drive to the city mall. You’d make your way to the one shop that stocked the new integrated system that all of last month’s magazine articles have been talking about. After some small talk you’d ask to audition the system. Sure, the sales guy would say. You’d hear it go. Comment on the clarity or the power. You’re most likely impressed. So, you tepidly ask, how much? By this time the sales guy knows he has you. He can state any figure and you could only accept. You might bargain a bit but you couldn’t really compare the price to anywhere else.

These days, however, we are spoiled for choice. Buy local. Shop online. Ship from overseas. Pitt them against each other and roll your own bargain. We do all this from the comfort of our sofa. Spurred on by favourable exchange rates. While our opinions are honed by a million and one user reviews.

Great, right? Maybe. You see, all this choice has somewhat spoiled the market. Not that one cannot get a good deal. Good deals abound. It’s just that one now needs to be more discerning and perceptive to understand the value of what is being paid for. The age old saying: caveat emptor, or buyer beware has never been more true. Now all that sounds a bit ominous. That’s not what we want to leave you with. We want to help you compare the market. We’ve prepared a small infographic to show the relationship between cost, service, quality and assurance. Because it isn’t just about buying cheap. It’s about acquiring smart.

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