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Atlas Warranty

Need Assistance? We've Got You Covered.

 At ATLAS, we believe in supporting our customers every step of the way. That's why we offer warranty coverage and technical support for every product purchased directly from us or our authorized partners. Whether you're troubleshooting complex wiring issues or simply need help adjusting the volume, we're here to assist you.

How to Obtain Warranty Service

  1. Locate Your Order Number: You can find this on your invoice, receipt, or confirmation email, depending on whether you purchased online or in-store.
  1. Verify Warranty Validity: ATLAS provides a 1-year warranty on most products. However, please note the following exceptions: 
  • Accuphase: 3 years
  • KEF Passive Speakers: 5 years
  • KEF Active/Wireless Speakers: 2 years
  • Bluesound and NAD: 1 year
  • Devialet: 2 years
  • GoldenEar Technology: 5 years for speaker drivers and cabinets, 3 years for other electronic components
  • Barco Residential: 3 years
  • Tivoli Audio: 5 years for speaker drivers and cabinets, 3 years for other electronic components
  • AudioQuest: 1 year

If you're unsure about your warranty status, feel free to email us at service@atlas-sv.com.

  1. Visit the ATLAS Service Centre: Bring your audio equipment to our service center (address below) for prompt assistance.
  1. Contact Us: You can reach our expert team by phone at +65 6817 5633 between 9:30 am to 5.00 pm on weekdays (excluding public holidays). 

Additional Support Options 

You can also chat with us live daily from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm or leave us a message using the chat feature in the bottom left corner of our web home page. We'll respond as quickly as possible.

Please note that can only offer warranty service for products purchased directly from ATLAS or authorized partners. If you purchased your product elsewhere, please contact the original seller for assistance.