KEF R Series floorstanding bookshelf speakers

Cutting-Edge Technological Innovation

The new KEF R Series has been completely re-engineered from the ground up. Decades of experience and our unbridled passion for music come together in the new R Series. Combining innovations from the Reference Series with bespoke technologies, the new R Series delivers more detail, deeper insight and greater excitement.

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Flagship three-way floorstander
The largest model in the R Series, R11 combines four bass drivers and the latest Uni-Q technology for a powerful and refined sound.
Mid-sized three-way floorstander
The R7 is the mid-sized floorstander in KEF's new R Series, bringing music and movies powerfully to life while complementing your home.
Compact three-way floorstander
Uncompromised engineering marks the the R5 floorstander, which is compact and elegant while delivering music and movies with ease.
Three-way stand mount
The R3 stand mount shares the same drivers as the flagship model R11 in a full range design that defies expectations.
Three-way centre channel
Built to match any of the R Series floorstanders, the R2c delivers the dialogue that brings movies to life in your home.
Dolby Atmos flexible surround
The R8a works as a surround or rear speaker and can bounce sound of the ceiling to create truly cinematic scale with Dolby Atmos.