Unlock the power and raw emotion of cinema. The Reference Series by KEF is designed for perfectionists who demand uncompromisingly accurate sound.

Experience KEF's signature high-fidelity audio performance and multi-channel versatility, for sound that captures the full emotional range, depth, and detail of the original performance.
Reference 5
Flagship three-way floorstander
If you're serious about experiencing the ultimate in sound reproduction, the magnificently authoritative Reference 5 exemplifies the passion for innovation that underpins KEF’s design philosophy.

Reference 3
Mid-sized three-way floorstander
KEF REFERENCE 3's intricate, emotionally compelling three-dimensional soundstage places you right at the heart of the original performance.

Reference 1
Three-way stand mount
Reference 1 proves that, through excellence in innovative engineering, you can experience unprecedented depth and power from a small cabinet.