Nuheara IQbuds2 MAX

Multi-award winning Nuheara IQbuds2 MAX with Active Noise Cancellation+ and Ear ID™ personalization that automatically calibrates the buds to your unique hearing profile. Enjoy unparalleled noise control and sound fidelity from the world’s most advanced hearing bud.

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Active noise cancellation+

Block noise, elevate conversation or focus on a sound direction; IQbuds2 MAX delivers unrivalled noise control with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Speech in Noise Control (SINC) and directional FOCUS.

EAR ID personalization

Nuheara was the first to introduce personalization to the hearing bud experience. With Ear ID, you can assess your hearing and adapt your buds to your own hearing profile.

Voice first

Take your voice assistant world with you by connecting to SIRI and Google Assistant. IQbuds2 MAX allows you to combine your digital world with the world around you.

Sound fidelity beyond compare

A large 9.2mm dynamic driver with vented acoustical design IQbuds2 MAX delivers pitch-perfect sound fidelity never experienced before from a truly wireless earbud.

Three CES Innovation Awards in 2020

When technology reaches a certain point, it becomes indistinguishable from magic. That’s why the leading organization in consumer technology recognized IQbuds2 MAX with not one but three CES Innovation Awards in 2020.