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AudioQuest Dragon Interconnect


Not only is Dragon the best interconnect AudioQuest has ever made, it’s quite possibly the best the world has ever seen or heard.

With its ultimate combination of world-class materials and cutting-edge Noise-Dissipation technologies, Dragon comes as close as presently possible to AudioQuest’s sonic ideal — completely invisible cable. It features Solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS) conductors, ZERO-Tech, FEP Air-Tube insulation, Silver-Plated RF-Draining Barrels, and Level-7 Noise-Dissipation in which even the shield-drains are 100% PSS.

No expense has been spared, no detail neglected.

At once a direct descendent of critically acclaimed designs from our storied past and something completely and undeniably new, Dragon sets its predecessors on fire and blows away their ashes.



  • Signal-Conducting Metal: Solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS)

  • RF-Draining Metal: Solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS)

  • Geometry: ZERO-Tech (No Characteristic Impedance)

  • Dielectric: FEP Air-Tubes for minimal signal interference

  • Dielectric-Bias System: ◉ 72v DBS (RCA); ◉◉ Dual-72v DBS (XLR)

  • Level 7 Noise-Dissipation: PSS Drains + ZERO-Tech + 72v DBS + Carbon/Graphene Mesh-Network + Direction-Controlled

  • Plug Barrels: Silver-Plated RF-Draining

  • Plug Contacts: Hanging-Silver over Red-Copper