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June 11, 2018

It all started in 1963, when the late Mr. A.B. Tien established the record library in Market Street. He eventually branched out into offering advice for sound systems, and thereafter, to providing premium equipment for quality sound. Today, 55 years later, Atlas has evolved into the stalwart of the audio and visual industry in Singapore; and a trendsetter in the world of brick and mortar retail.

This year marks Atlas’ 55 years of quality, value and distinction; and if judged solely upon reputation for excellence and cross-generational relationships, Atlas will certainly land among the best. What started as a passion – renting out records for a mere $0.50, giving out professional advice just as a trustworthy friend, matched with scheduled demonstrations - has today spanned into strong relationships that transcends generations.

Driven by a passionate and intricate knowledge of the industry, the business continued to thrive under the new stewardship, the second generation; Mr. Michael Tien. Today, it asserts its presence with several retail stores conveniently located in Singapore and Malaysia. It has grown into a brand with heritage, endearing itself to many loyal customers with a wholesome and distinctive image.

The most visible aspect of the Atlas image is the iconic ‘man in his immaculate shirt and tie with his cheongsam lady’; always exuding confidence and elegance yet remaining personable. They exemplify respect and passion, embodying the company’s core values of excellence, integrity and innovation.

In conjunction with the Great Singapore Sale and as part of the celebrations, Atlas is having a number of special activities to commemorate this milestone. In addition, they also announced an exclusive partnership with high-end wireless audio technology company Soundcast, to bring their award-winning VGX series of premium Bluetooth speakers to Singapore and Malaysia, earlier this month.

Atlas also unveiled the official ‘Atlas55’ logo on 11 June 2018, in honor of their founder, as it is his birthday. The logo will be featured prominently during the GSS period. The design of the logo takes into account the rich heritage of Atlas and is the embodiment of the power of sound and vision; the circle is of a speaker cone and the rectangle, a television screen. Placed together, it forms the silhouette of the number 55.

With a finger on the pulse of the audio visual industry, Atlas consistently revolutionizes its business strategies in response to the dynamic market conditions. Despite that, its basic principle remains to advance its leadership in providing quality sound and vision by creating extraordinary and lasting experiences for customers.

For many, Atlas continues to be the trusted benchmark for premium audio visual equipment.

For the last 55 years, our customers are the ones who inspire us to the most. Their trust in our quality, value and distinctive service culture inspires us to do better. With pride, we hope to continue to delight and inspire our customers through the power of sound and vision.