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Barco Residential brings the pinnacle of image and sound technology to the high-end home environment. Together with our partners, we create unique experiences to be shared with loved ones in the world’s most exquisite homes and yachts.

The state-of-the-art Barco Residential projectors are developed, manufactured, and treasured in our design centers in Belgium and Norway. They’re designed from the ground up with one goal in mind – to show the best possible images in any setting.


Most movies in commercial theaters that are released today are in 2.39:1 format, commonly referred to as Cinemascope. Enabling a true cinematic experience, Barco Residential is unique in offering true CinemaScope projectors for the residential market.

Our CinemaScope technology features a unique automatic aspect ratio detection function, which analyzes the incoming source and detects the "Content Aspect Ratio" to then automatically scale the image to fit the 5,120x2,160 resolution and change back to 16:9 3,840x2,160 resolution for content in that format. It will even change aspect ratio when a CinemaScope format movie has a menu outside the active picture frame. You can also manually switch between the different formats, and manually set the aspect ratio you would like to use.

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P R O D U C T   R A N G E


Tailored to dedicated theater rooms or controlled light environments, the Theater projectors are designed for the true cinephile who desires accurate images and consistent Rec. 709 or DCI/P3 color performance, as intended by the movie director. Some models have the option for the user to choose between the two color spaces.


Optimized for environments with greater ambient light, the Media room range offers a substantial increase in brightness compared to their T series counterparts, delivering excellent image quality in adverse lighting conditions. Perfectly suited for rooms where fun and entertainment are the order of the day.


These exceptional projectors are the ultimate expression of Barco Residential’s unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and image quality. Built with the best professional cinema technologies and fully DCI compliant, they have been exclusively enhanced for the home environment. The choice of film professionals.


4K UHD resolution, 6,500 lumens of laser illumination and custom Barco Pulse electronics, all painstakingly optimised and produced in our European design centers to deliver unprecedented fun in small to medium sized media rooms. Just as the mythical Medea flew in a golden chariot driven by dragons (sent by her grandfather Helios, god of the sun) our Medea will bring life to fantasy.
  • Light output: M Version up to 6,500 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 680 x 481 x 239 mm (including feet / excluding lens)
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Bragi inherit most of it’s technology from Bragi CS, optical core and lenses, the main difference is the aspect ratio, Bragi is 16:9.
Bragi will have the same PULSE electronic and SW platform powered by an updated revolutionizing LED engine.
Bragi produces a stunning, wide and extremely consistent P3/DCI color Gamut with a rich, vibrant color rendition. Brightness, up to 2600 lumens. Low noise (<30dB), with up to 50 000 hour life expectancy, 9 lens options and close to unlimited installation flexibility. Bragi delivers the ultimate and by far the best in image quality for smaller dedicated home cinema rooms we have ever seen, built or experienced before. In short, it is the best picture quality ever shown at this level.
  • Light output: up to 2600 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 450 x 482 x 255 mm / 17,7 x 19,0 x 10 in (excluding lens)
  • Weight: 21.5 kg
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Bragi Cinemascope

Bragi Cinemascope is taking its name from an historical ninth-century poet. His poems were so outstandingly artful and moving that subsequent generations imagined that, upon his death, Odin had appointed him the court poet of Valhalla. Bragi is also Balders brother and inherited Balders design language, optical core and lenses. Bragi will have the same PULSE electronic and SW platform powered by a revolutionizing new LED engine.
  • Light output: up to 2200 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 450 x 482 x 255 mm (excluding lens)
  • Weight: 21.5 kg
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A divine force, Barco Balder brings beauty and life to the most refined home cinema and media rooms. Manufactured to perfection in Norway, Balder is forged from the finest components such as aluminium and glass. Balder not only shares the same Ultra HD and HDR 10 compatible electronics as his big brother Loki, the optical design and new single laser engine are also derived from the Loki platform.
  • Light output: T Version 5,000 lumens, M Version 7,100 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 588 x 475 x 286 mm (including feet / excluding lens)
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Balder Cinemascope

Balder Cinemascope fuses together the world’s finest optical components with the imaging device technology chosen by 8 out of 10 professional cinemas, DLP, our unique PULSE electronics platform and in-house designed laser engine. It is the cornerstone of a home cinema system designed to deliver the most outstanding of experiences in the world’s finest homes and yachts.
  • Light output: T Version 4,000 lumens, M Version 5,600 lumens
  • Dimensions: (d x w x h) 588 x 475 x 286 mm (including feet / excluding lens)
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